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right there. not enough confidence. >> got to get the bats going. they've been slumping since the playoffs. so got to get the bats going. >> so today's do or die game is set for just after 4:00 this afternoon. if you couldn't score a ticket, you can watch it on tbs. >> did he do it again? he did! >> misery loves company. the orioles also lost last night. they fell to the yankees 3-2 in dramatic fashion. raul ibanez won the game with a home run in the 12th inning. he also homered in the ninth inning too tie the game at 2-2. the orioles must win tonight or their season will end. tough loss for the orioles. and the nationals getting blown out at home. >> still a lot of excitement around all this, though. so the energy is going to be there still. >> i hope so. >> veronica johnson is in for tom this week what. do you have for us? >> we had some pretty nice weather yesterday. i think most people will agree on that. today it's going to be cooler,
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but at least we're still going to see some sunshine. in fact, i think more sunshine across the area today. as far as those early morning temperatures, take a look, columbia heights coming in at 53. you've got 56 degrees in fran cone ya. then up in areas around potomac, 46. the temperature off to the west, we've got some freeze warnings to talk about. in west virginia the temperatures are starting out in the 30s. as we go through the next couple of overnights, early mornings, especially saturday morning, i think we're going to see those frost and freeze warning get a little closer in. let's talk temperatures for later today. 8:00 a.m., mostly clear, chilly start for us at 40 to 47 degrees. as far as noontime today, mostly sunny, cool conditions, 53 to 56. and for your afternoon, we're talking more sunshine.
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back to november. 59 to 62 degrees. i'll be back at 4:41 with a look at your four-day forecast. right now, first 4 traffic. >> thanks, veronica. here's the situation for you checking the roads. we have downed wires again along powder mill road. let's talk about the westbound lanes. only the right lane is going to get you by because of the downed wires in that area. let's talk about road work if you're traveling along i-270 in both directions, north and southbound at 80, right lane is blocked. northbound just seeing some volume because of the road work there. it should be ending right around 5:00 this morning. good news, 66 east and westbound had road work as you make your way toward the beltway. it was having just one lane get by at that time, but now all your travel lanes are open in both directions. i'm back in ten minutes. aaron, over to you. expect a lively vice
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presidential debate tonight. vice president joe biden and republican challenger paul ryan will face off at center college in danville, kentucky. this will be the only debate between the two and will cover both foreign and domestic issues. analysts say the pressure is on paul ryan to maintain romney's momentum after last week's debate. joe biden's mission is to get the momentum back. today president obama is taking his campaign to florida. he will travel to miami this afternoon and hold a rally at the university of miami. then this evening, the president will headline a fundraiser at a hotel. the event is expected to raise $1 million for the president's campaign. the president is also speaking out about his own lackluster debate last week in. two interviews last week, he said he had a bad night and that he was too polite. mitt romney is clarifying his stance on abortion. during a campaign stop in ohio, he told reporters he'll be a pro-life president. he also renewed his promise to
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cut off aid to plan parenthood. earlier this week, romney told "the des moines register" that if elected, he would not pursue abortion related legislation. the obama campaign quickly pounced saying he was hiding his stance on women's issues. >> a new poll by nbc news, marist and "the wall street journal" shows the former governor gaining ground in three swing states. romney gained two points since last week in ohio to shrink the gap. in florida, it's just a point lead for the president, 48% to 47%. but it's right here in virginia where mitt romney is seeing the biggest gains hesm now leads the president. last week he trailed by two points. this morning police are stepping up patrols on a popular hiking and biking trail in montgomery county after a series of attacks. montgomery county police say two attack on the capital crescent trail may be linked. they say a teenager grabbed two
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other teens on september 29th in bethesda and tried to rob them. on friday, police arrested a 16-year-old from rockville in the case. they believe the attack may be linked to a robbery in the same tunnel that happened in july. >> it's insane. i couldn't believe it. i couldn't believe those attacks were happening here. i'm in the area all the time. i just could not believe it. >> police made at least one arrest in another attack that happened in july. they do not believe that one is related to the other attacks on the trail. right now, police are look for the gunman who shot and killed a man. an officer found a victim yesterday afternoon in an alley not far from east capital street. police have not released his name or said whether they have a motive for the shooting. one young woman who says she was the victim's friend is devastated. >> she was li >> he was like a cousin to me. i would always look forward to him getting off the bus to say
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something smart to me. >> the school was never locked down. maryland health officials say they're still trying to contact 1,500 people who may be linked to the meningitis outbreak. at last count, the cdc reported 133 people had fungal meningitis from a contaminated steroid injection. 12 victims have died. the steroid shots commonly used to treat back pain came from the new england compounding center in massachusetts. the company has recalled all of its products, but doctors say more cases will be discovered in the coming weeks. a massachusetts company run by the same executives who operated that pharmacy at the center of the meningitis outbreak is also closed in the wake of this outbreak. state and federal regulators shut down ameridose. right now there is no recall of ameridose products.
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the dalai lama will speak during two events, one in which will be held in an outdoor pavilion in downtown. it's part of a larger tour of college towns by the dalai lama which wraps up later this month. yesterday he was at the college of william and mary in williamsburg. there he spoke about treating enemies with compassion and the consequences of war. melissa malay is at the news desk with more. >> we understand that a construction worker trapped in a miami parking garage collapse has been freed after 13 hours of rescue efforts. taik take take a look at this video. he was pulled after being stuck. rescue crews had to amputate his legs in order to free him. it created a pancake style collapse. two workers were killed, eight
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injured and another worker is still unaccounted for. the man who was just rescued is in extremely critical condition. sooz as soon as we hear anything about the missing worker, we'll pass any news along. why a university administrator's views on same-sex marriage may have put her job in jeopardy this morning. plus, no ordinary day at the beach. the warning would-be swimmers would be getting today at popular beaches. it will be a day you
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welcome back. people in hawaii are on alert this morning because of some dangerous waves off the coast of honolulu. the national weather service has issued a warning saying waves are ten to 20 feet higher than normal. so far no one has been caught in that powerful surf. >> a lot of surfers waiting, though. >> i know. >> just itching to get in there. >> doesn't the beach sound nice? >> it does. let's just go. veronica, you do your thing. >> take over. >> that will be one really long weather. just go and go. we'll start calling our station, what, the weather channel? well, we'll have some pretty nice weather today. it's going to be a cool fall day for us. let's check out the temperatures. you folks in virginia, fairfax,
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you're at 48. it's cooler by a couple degrees compared to where we were yesterday. hour by hour forecast right here for you. sunshine throughout the day, a few high clouds, cool start definitely to our day, 48 degrees expected at 9:00 a.m. and then we'll move into the mid 50s by noontime today. your high temperature topping out at 64 degrees. so for a couple of days here, we'll see highs in the 60s. second half of the weekend, though, we push back into the low 70s. i'll tell you what else we could get with our weather over the next couple days coming up. >> keeping my eye on the situation along powder mill road. your eastbound lanes blocked because of a down pole in that area. westbound you get by. still seeing road work in the area if you're traveling the beltway. you're going to see the left lane where the road work is. but the good news is your volume is right light.
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let's head over to the outer loop at 236. right lane is blocked. the ramp from little river turnpike you cannot get on or off the outer loop of the beltway. the live desk gathering some breaking news. a fire kills five people in maryland overnight. we'll have the details on that for you right after a break. plus, why tensions in the middle east forced dozens of airline passengers to make an unexpected stop. >> and why it may be a
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take away his toys and he'll play with a stick. take away their bikes and they'll still find a way to get where they're going. but if take you away early childhood education... slash k-12 funding... and cut college aid for middle class families ... they won't go far. yet that's exactly what mitt romney wants to do... pay for a $250,000 tax break for multi-millionaires. if mitt romney wins, the middle class loses. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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is. at the live desk with breaking news. five people have been killed in a baltimore row house fire and four of them were children. the fire broke out overnight in the eastern section of the city. it took firefighters two hours to get it under control. this photo was taken by the
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baltimore fire department. they say one person had to jump from a second-story window to escape the flames. a firefighter was also injured, but is expected to be okay. at this point, investigators say they are not clear how the fire started. trcontroversy this morning a university. dr. angela mccaskill is the head of diversity at galladet university. she reportedly signed a propose to support the same-sex marriage law. officials say it's inappropriate given her job as chief diversity officer. students are split on the decision to put her on leave. >> when you're in certain roles on campus, as the president, that separation of personal and private life is gone. >> that doesn't mean she'll vote for it.
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it means she's supporting people's right to vote. in my opinion. and people are reading too much into it. >> we went to mccaskill's home but got n answer. the university president says he'll use this time that mccaskill is on leave to determine what to do next. a syrian passenger plane that was grounded in turkey is back on its way to damascus. fighter jets forced the jet to land. turkey -- they exchanged fire across the border. the film maker behind the ante muslim movie denies violating the terms of his probation from a bank fraud conviction. he appeared in a courtroom yesterday. prosecutors are trying to revoke his probation and send him back to prison for two years. they say he violated several times of his probation.
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you receive has been in jail without bond since he was arrest twod weeks ago. another hearing is scheduled for next mom. >> in just a few hours, we'll find out more about the body found a few miles from where a 10-year-old girl was reported missing in colorado. police will give an update at 8:30 our time. right now they will not confirm if the body is the missing girl. she disappeared on her walk to school last week. yesterday police said they believe ridgeway was abducted. the state of pennsylvania is revoking jerry sandusky's $59,000 a year pension in the wake of his child sex abuse conviction. sandusky's wife dottie will not be entitled to any benefits either. a lawyer for the former penn state assistant football coach says he plans to fight that decision. on tuesday, sandusky was sentenced to at least 30 years behind bars for molesting ten boys over a 15-year period. a man will spend 40 years in prison for prowling at a local maul and sexually assaulting women in. is surveillance video that montgomery county police just
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released from that night two years ago. robert cruz gonzalez was sentenced yesterday for stalking a stranger at the aspen hill shopping center, then attacking her and forcing her into a wooded area where he sexually assaulted her. the womanaged to get away. >> another woman has come forward claiming she was fondled by a man in fairfax county. this is the sixth case police have identified in just over a month. the woman says a man approached her from behind, grabbed her and groebed her. investigators think more victims could be out there as well. so far no word on any leads in the investigation. a family in frederick county says they may press charges because their teenaged son keeps getting bullied. preston diener was bullied in front of a reporter just as he was preparing for an on camera interview to talk about hi experiences being bullied at school. last week, diener was suspended for fighting back against bullies in gym class. as a result he was not allowed to go to homecoming. diener's family and friends are
4:50 am
hosting an anti-bullying homecoming dance on friday. fairfax county police are trying to determine if an unfortunate accident led to a man getting hit and killed bay vre train. police say for some reason the man was standing on the tracks near fairfax station road. that's not far from the burke center station. vre stopped all trains as rescuers responded to the incident. it took about three hours to resume service. police have not released the man's name. ten minutes before the hour now. a former campaign aide to d.c. mayor vincent gray will not spend any time in jail for lying to investigators. howard brooks got two years of probation and 200 hours of community service. back in may, brooks confessed to paying third quarter candidate suleman brown. in return, brown would publicly attack then mayor adrian fenty. prosecutors accepted the lighter sentence in exchange for information on the mayor's 2010 campaign. brooks said he was truly sorry
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for breaking the law. fuelled from start to finish by doping. that's what a full report from the u.s. anti-doping agency says about lance armstrong's career. the more than 1,000-page report contains testimony from 11 former teammates. they say the seven-time tour de france winner took and forced them to take human growth hormone testosterone and received blood transfusions. the report also details how riders avoided being caught while taking part in what it calls the most sophisticated doping program in sports. armstrong has not commented on the report but has previously denied the usada's assertions. the agency banned armstrong from the sport in august and stripped him of his titles. a sigh of relief this morning for redskins. rookie quarterback robert griffin iii will likely be ready to play on sunday. rg3 took part in a full practice yesterday and says he felt no ill effects of the mild concussion he suffered against falcons on sunday. while griffin says he is ready to play, he will still be
4:52 am
evaluated daily and has not been cleared for contact. griffin says he's learned he needs to work harder to keep himself safe. that was a point he made during practice yesterday that he sort of got some drills in on taking the dive and staying out of harm's way. >> we still don't know for sure if he's going to play on sunday. he's just been cleared for practice. so we shall see. there's a lot of talk about whether or not he should play on sunday. >> yes, he should. we need you. [ laughter ] i think he'll be okay. >> just play with lots of people around you. we're talking about a renewed chill in the air this morning. every couple days we have these dry fronts moving through. we had that happen to us last night. a front came through without any rain but took our temperatures down once again where. we sit right now is at 53 degrees. the skied cleared out a bit more from the clouds we had yesterday. 53 with a northwest wind at 13 miles per hour right now. we're going to see another front move through the area tomorrow.
4:53 am
as far as what you can expect at the bus stop this morning, the sun will be up at 7:14 today. 41 to 46 degrees. we're dry, we're cool. so you're going to need a jacket this morning with those temps in the 40s. so we've got an area of high pressure that's over us now, sunshine on tap for today. but watch that next weather front. it will be coming through the area. we'll still see some sunshine, and again, another dry passage for us, but the temperatures will start tumblining again durg the overnight period so that by the time we get to saturday morning we could be looking at our coolest start of the season with a lot of neighborhoods in the mid 30s. sunshine back for the weekend as well. and then there's another front that i'm going to be keeping my eye on. this one will come into our area early part of next week but could be a big severe weather outbreak producer for parts of the country around iowa, around missouri on saturday. forecast for today, we've got some cool sunshine, back to november, that feel out there. 59 to 64 degrees. then for your evening, sun sets
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at 6:35. you'll need the jacket. here's a look at your four-day forecast. cool on saturday. we push into it the mid 70s on sunday and we'll stay about there the early part of next woke in the low and mid 70s. will be some good weather for taking in the fall foliage on sunday. >> at 270 heading northbound at 80, still seeing just a bit of a delay, because the right lane there is still blocked because of the road work. southbound looks nice and clear at this time. i'll give you a live look as you make your way southbound, heading all the way to rockville, clear in both directions, no accidents to report. looks good. inner loop construction at 193 looks clear as well. aaron, over the you. you might want to keep an eye on who's in the car with your teen when you drive.
4:55 am
a new study out this morning shows that risky behavior by 16 and 17-year-old drivers increases when other teens are in the car. speeding, late night driving and alcohol use also increase between 5% and 18% when two or more teens are riding in a car with a young driver. triple-a says they want to see stricter limits on who can ride with teens when they first get their license. car crashes are the leading cause of death among teens. >> facebook has about a billion users, but this morning we know of two people who will not be on the site any time soon. the first lady recently said she won't let daughters malia or sasha join the social media site. she says she talks to her daughters about growing up in the digital age and warns them every moment can be captured and shared online. the first lady says she told her daughters you can't act bratty because you may be having a moment, but someone could use that moment to try to define you for a moment. you can't get images back.
4:56 am
you can't get videos back. >> and quite frankly, in their case, it could be a security risk. it's probably just because of who they are, it's not smart at this point. >> but every kid could use that advice. just be careful how you act. putting his life on the line. coming up at 5:15, the dramatic efforts of a man to pull a couple to safety after this fiery crash. plus, more evidence that the ipad mini could be landing on store shelves. the comments made during last
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it may soon cost you a little more to fly united airlines. it is raising the fares on most flights within the u.s. by up to $10 round trip. we'll have to wait and see whether this price increase lasts. airlines often roll back fare hikes if their competitors don't match them. in fact, a dozen airlines have tried raising fares this year, just four have succeeded. halloween is just a few weeks away what. are you going to be? >> i'm going to be me. that is scary, isn't it? big bird costumes are flying off the shelves. ever since mitt romney mentioned him, costume stores have said they've seen an increase in sales. the other big sellers this year are presidential masks. romney has been gaining on the president since the debate. there have been s

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